Week 3: Time To Clean House

Time to cleanhouse!     The MKMMA daily readings and assignments have yielded me one common denominator: “Subby” is in need of an overhaul – it is time to clean house!

I noticed that some days I am more excited and positive in my readings and others I am a bit lackluster; even cynical. Some days are drenched in belief and others are overcast with clouds of doubt. I am grateful for both the good and the bad days because each are necessary. Truth be told, I am suspect of anyone who dives into a new way of thinking/behaving and claims to only experience clear sailing.  Waves are part of learning; we all have to ride them out. Undoubtedly, our best learning comes from overcoming troubled waters.

Fortunately, the process of doing the daily assignments has kick-started the necessary cleaning. As I read, I am RECOGNIZING the thoughts and emotions that derail my dreams; that stop me from taking chances or moving forward. That these thoughts pervade my mind and directly contradict the words on the page I am focusing on, shows how strong and ingrained they are in the “Subby”.

Their disruption causes me to pause and acknowledge the discrepancy. It enables me the opportunity to grab hold of those negative thoughts and consciously seek a different perspective. I am then able to REFRAME such thoughts into ones that are in alignment with truth. To put the “Subby” in check, so to speak, and clean house of cynicism and false beliefs.

Armed with new thoughts, I am able to move forward and engage in active thinking and purposefully RE-APPLY the thoughts in order to manifest my needs and desires. I am developing new habits and new ways of thinking. It’s a slow process, one that involves work day in and day out.  Yet, small incremental steps are best for yielding permanent change.  I will not rush the process.  Instead, I remind myself to be patient for God is not through with me yet.


About Jewels Horvath

As I examine my life, I have numerous things to be grateful for and several life accomplishments to be proud of. Yet, despite these things, I have always had a lingering feeling that I am operating at a level far below what I am truly capable of. Inside I long for greater intellectual challenges, deeper relationships, stronger faith, more adventure, and overall greater success and fulfillment. Every so often I would get a spark going in one or more of these areas, yet soon thereafter it would burn out. Repeated smothering of fires seemed to be a theme; I struggled to keep them lit long enough to make a change. This blog marks the start of a six month journey of DISCOVERY, INTENTION, and REALIZATION of my true heart's desires utilizing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Thanks for joining me on this journey. IT'S TIME TO FAN THE FLAME!
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6 Responses to Week 3: Time To Clean House

  1. Lori Enrico says:

    Wow Jewels! What a great writer you are! Just love your insights this week. And you’re right… permanent change comes only through small, incremental steps, taken daily. I love to stop at this passage in Og and really think/internalize on it: “But in my allotted time I must practice of patience, for nature never acts in haste….”

    Keep up the outstanding work!

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  2. joerelfruelda says:

    Cleaning our subby, that’s Great Jewels.


  3. yofitsarah says:

    Jewels, I love that you are cleaning house. It is a process but what that is so worth it! Keep it up!


  4. Lori Enrico says:

    Reblogged this on Master Key Lori E and commented:
    I really loved this post by Jewels and wanted to share it because I believe others will benefit from the clear, honest, enlightening way he expresses herself. This was her Week 3 post. To me….she’s developing the powerful skill of becoming the non-judgmental observer!


  5. Great post! Your insights remind me to take charge of this work of cleaning house, moment by moment.


  6. Cleaning house. Perfect!


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